Plastic Crusher

  • Plastic Crusher
  • Plastic Crusher
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Plastic Crusher

PC series plastic crusher can be used to break all kinds of thin-walled plastic products, the operation is simple and convenient.


Product Description


1.Incoming   raw Material
Raw material HRCR   carbon steel coil
Tensile Strength σb≤600Mpa
Yield Strength σs≤315Mpa
Strip Width 40~103 mm
O.D. of steel coil Max. Φ2000 mm
I.D. of steel coil Φ508 mm
Weight of Steel coil Max.2.0 ton/coil
Wall Thickness Round Pipe :  0.25-1.5mm
Square& Rectangle :   0.5-1.5mm
Strip Condition Slitting edge
Strip Thickness tolerance Max. ± 5%
Strip Width tolerance ± 0.2mm
Strip camber Max. 5mm/10m
Burr height ≤ (0.05 x T) mm (T—strip   thickness)


2.Machine   Capacity
Type: PL-32Z Type ERW Tube Mill
Operation Direction TBA by Buyer
Pipe size Round Pipe: Φ 10~ Φ 32.8 mm * 0.5   ~ 2.0 mm
Square : 8 × 8~ 25.4 × 25.4 mm * 0.5   ~ 1.5 mm
Rectangle: 10× 6 ~ 31.8 × 19.1 mm   (a/b≤2:1) * 0.5 ~ 1.5 mm
Design Speed 30-90m/min
Strip storage Vertical Cage
Roller change Changing roller from the side
Main mill driver motor 1 set * DC 37KWX2
Solid state high frequency XGGP-100-0.4-HC
Squeeze roll stand Typ 2 pcs rolls type
Cutting Saw Hot flying saw/Cold flying saw
Coveyor Table 9m(Table length depends on Max. pipe   length = 6m)
Tumbling Method Single side run out table


3.Work   condition
Electric Power Source Supply voltage: AC 380V ± 5% x 50Hz ± 5% x 3PHControl   voltage: AC 220V ± 5% x 50Hz ± 5% x 1PHSolenoid   valve DC 24V
Compressed   Air Pressure 5Bar ~ 8 Bar
Raw   Water Pressure 1Bar ~ 3Bar
Water   & Emulsion Temperature 30°C below
Emulsion   cooling Pools Volume: ≥ 20m3 x 2sets(With   glass fiber cooling tower≥RT30)
Emulsion   cooling water Flow ≥   20 m3/Hr
Emulsion   cooling water Lift ≥   30m(Pump   power ≥AC4.0Kw*2sets)
Cooler   for HF welder Air-water Cooler/Water-water cooler
Inner   exhaust axial fan for welded steam ≥   AC0.55Kw
Outer   exhaust axial fan for welded steam ≥   AC4.0Kw


4. Machine list

Item Description Qty
1 Semi auto DOUBLE-HEADS UN-COILER-Mandrel expansion by Pneumatic   cylinder-With Pneumatic disk brake 1set
2 STRIP-HEAD Cutter & TIG BUTT   WELDER STATION- Strip-Head Shearing by Pneumatic   cylinder- welding gun Auto-running by manual

- Welder: TIG-315A

3 Vertical Cage- AC 2.2 Kw By inverter speed   regulating system- Hanging type inner cage,Width   is synchronously adjusted by chain 1set
4 Main DC motor drive control   system for Forming/Sizing Section-DC 37KWX2-With DC control cabinet 1set
5 Main Machine of PL-32Z 1set
Tube Forming Mill- Feeding entry & flattening   unit- Break-down zone

- Fin pass zone

Welding zone- Disk stye seam guide stand- Squeeze roller stand ( 2-roller type)

- Outside scrafing unit (2pcs kinves)

- Horizontal seam ironing stand

Emulsion   water cooling section: (1500mm) 1set
Tube Sizing Mill- ZLY Hard decelerator- Sizing zone

- Speed testing unit

- Turky Head

-Vertical pull-out stand

6 Solid state HF welder system(XGGP-100-0.4-HC,With   air-water cooler) 1set
7 Hot Flying Saw/Cold Flying Saw 1set
8 Conveyor table (9m)Single side dumping by ARC stopper 1set

One of the main advantages of our plastic crusher is its value. We understand the importance of durability, which is why we use imported high-quality tool steel in its construction. This special tool steel ensures the longevity of the crusher, making it durable and able to withstand tough recycling tasks. The tool mounting design of our crushers is also worth mentioning as it allows for telescopic adjustment. This means that even after repeated use, if the blade becomes dull, it can be easily sharpened and used again and again, saving you time and money.

Another value advantage of our plastic crushers is their cutting power. Our tool holder adopts a stepped shear design to effectively break up the cutting force. This results in a doubling of the cutting force, making the recycling process fast and efficient. You can now easily shred large amounts of plastic waste without any effort. Say goodbye to excessive effort and hello to increased productivity.

Quality is of the essence when it comes to our plastic crushers and we ensure every element of their construction meets the highest standards. For example, the tool holder is made of T7A high-quality tool steel, known for its excellent rigidity and flexibility. This means our crushers are less likely to break or wear out, ensuring their longevity and long-term stable performance. Invest in our plastic crushers and experience their superior quality first-hand.

In addition to their value advantages, our plastic crushers are user-friendly and efficient. It is designed for easy operation and is suitable for both professional and domestic environments. Its compact size ensures it can fit into any space, saving you valuable floor space. You will be impressed by its efficiency as it can process a variety of plastic waste, including PET bottles, PVC pipes, and more.

The advantages of our plastic crushers go beyond convenience and efficiency. By investing in this product, you will have a positive impact on the environment. Recycling plastic waste reduces the amount of waste in landfills and conserves natural resources. With our plastic shredders, you can contribute to a sustainable future while enjoying the benefits of a streamlined waste management process.

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