WPC Profile Extrusion Line

  • WPC Profile Extrusion Line
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WPC Profile Extrusion Line

WPC, also known as wood and plastic, is a new type of composite material which is booming in recent years.Using polyethylene PE, polypropylene PP and polyvinyl chloride PVC, instead of the usual resin adhesive, and a certain proportion of wood powder, rice husk, straw and other waste plant fiber mixed into new wood materials, and then extrusion molding, the production of profiles or boards.Wood plastic products are widely used and can be used for: indoor doors and Windows, the line that play a base, integral ambry, chest plate, wall hangs Taiwan, smallpox condole roof, decorative panels, outdoor flooring, guardrail post, pavilions, gardens guardrail, balcony guardrail, field fence, leisure bench, tree pool, flower, flower box air conditioner, air conditioning cover, shutters, road signs, transportation pallet, etc.The application of wood plastic material is flexible, can be used in any field of wood processing, is the best environmental protection material to replace wood, its environmental protection is high, pollution-free, pollution-free, recyclable.

Polytime machinery according to the needs of our customers, the design of PVC wood plastic foaming and PE/PP wood plastic cold push, two kinds of extrusion process.The width of the product is up to 1220mm.


Product Description


Optimized screw design, high output, good plasticization pertormance.

The production line realizes the full line computer PLC automatic control from feeding to the final stacking.

It can be equipped with a co extruder to make online rubber strips co-extrusion or surface Co-extrusion.

The cutting machine has saw blade cutting and chipless cutting, which can meet the needs of different customers.

- Technical Parameter -

Max.wide(mm) Extruder Type Max Output(kg/h) Max Motor Power(kw)
PLM180 180 PLSJZ55/110 80-120 22
PLM240 240 PLSJZ65/132 150-200 37
PLM300 300 PLSJZ65/132 150-200 37
PLM400 400 PLSJZ80/156 150-200 37
PLM600 600 PLSJZ80/156 250-300 55
PLM800 800 PLSJZ80/156 250-300 55
PLM1220 1220 PLSJZ92/188 550-650 110

- Main Features -


Conical Twin-screw Extruder


Servo system 15%
Far infrared Heating system

High Automation

Intelligent control
Remote monitoring
Formula Memory System

Calibration Table


Electrical control operation panel adopts aluminum alloy antilever structure, improving quality and aesthetic.

图层 9

Water tank adopts outside design, easy for operation and maintanance.


Adopts new gas water separator, which combines unified drainage


Quick joint of stainless steel nozzle, improving appearance and dewatering

Haul Off & Cutter


Swing arm mechanism system, makes adjustment haul off rack level, and more touching space


Fast-change type of silicone block with aluminum support plate

Dust & smoke collection system


Hard-alloy blade, prevents from cutting crack


- Application -

Rigid PVC profiles are mostly used in construction, such as making PVC doors and windows, PVC floors, PVC pipes, etc;
Soft PVC profiles are used for PVC hoses, power transmission cables, etc. The wood-plastic profile has the same processing characteristics as wood. It can be sawed, drilled, and nailed with ordinary tools. It is very convenient and can be used like ordinary wood. Because wood plastic has both the water resistance and corrosion resistance of plastic and the texture of wood, it has become an excellent and very durable outdoor waterproof and anticorrosive building material (wood plastic floor, wood plastic exterior wall panel, wood plastic fence, wood plastic chair Benches, plastic wood gardens or waterfront landscapes, etcC.), outdoor outdoor floors, outdoor anti-corrosion wood projects, etc.; it can also replace wooden components used in ports, docks, etc., and can also be used to replace wood to make various plastic wood packaging materials and plastic wood pallets , Warehouse pads, etc. are too numerous to enumerate, and the uses are extremely wide.


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