Vacuum Powder Feeder

  • Vacuum Powder Feeder
  • Vacuum Powder Feeder
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Vacuum Powder Feeder


Product Description

- Application area -

The vacuum granule feeder is a kind of dust-free and sealed pipe conveying equipment which transmits powder materials by vacuum suction. Now is widely used in PVC plastic products processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, building materials, agriculture and other industries.

- Value advantage -

1.Simple operation, strong suction.
2.The use of stainless steel door, can ensure that the raw material is not polluted.
3.The use of high pressure fan as the power core, not easy to damage, long service life.
4.Intelligent feeding, save labor.

- Technical parameter -


Motor Power (Kw)

Capacity (kg/h)



















As the demand for efficient, hygienic material handling solutions continues to grow, vacuum powder feeders are the ideal choice. This advanced machinery is designed to prioritize cleanliness and convenience, guaranteeing a dust-free environment and ensuring the highest levels of product integrity and safety.

The core principle behind the unparalleled performance of a vacuum powder feeder is its ability to efficiently transport powder materials. By harnessing the power of vacuum suction, it can quickly move these materials through a completely sealed duct system, eliminating the risk of contamination and minimizing the loss of valuable resources.

The wide range of applications of vacuum powder feeders make them an indispensable asset in many industries. In the PVC plastic product processing industry, this superior equipment is indispensable for delivering critical powdered additives accurately and efficiently, ultimately improving the overall quality and durability of the final product.

Additionally, the chemical industry benefits greatly from the use of vacuum powder feeders. Efficient transportation of chemicals and powders is critical to maintaining the integrity and purity of compounds, ensuring the successful development and production of a wide range of chemical products.

The pharmaceutical industry attaches great importance to the versatility and reliability of vacuum powder feeders. Precise and hygienic delivery of pharmaceutical powders is critical to pharmaceutical manufacturers as it ensures uniformity and accuracy of formulations. This equipment plays an important role in increasing production efficiency while adhering to the strictest quality control regulations.

In the food industry, vacuum powder feeders excel at delivering powdered ingredients such as spices, flavorings and nutritional additives. By eliminating the risk of contamination, it enables manufacturers to consistently deliver safe, high-quality food to customers around the world.

Metallurgical processes often rely on precise handling and control of powdered materials. Vacuum powder feeders exhibit exceptional capabilities in conveying metal powder with the highest precision, helping to produce strong and high-quality metal parts.

In addition, the construction materials and agricultural sectors benefit greatly from the excellent performance of vacuum powder feeders. The equipment can quickly transport cement, sand and other powdery materials, significantly improving the productivity and efficiency of these industries.

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