OPVC Pipe Extrusion Machine

  • OPVC Pipe Extrusion Machine
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OPVC Pipe Extrusion Machine

The OPVC pipe is a pipe produced by the bidirectional stretching process.The raw material formulation of the pipe is bascally the same as that of theordinary PVC-U pipe. The perfomance of the pipe produced by this proces is greatly improved compared with PVC-U pipe,the impact resitance of thepipe is improved by about 4 times,the toughness is maintained at minus -20 ” C, and the wall hickness of PVC-U pipe is reduced by alf under thesame pressure. About 47% of the raw material is saved, and a thinner wall thickness means that the pipes water conveying capacity is stronger, the pipes are lighter and more convenient to install, and the transportation cost is lower.


Product Description



● By stretching the PVC-U pipe produced by extrusion in both axial and radial directions, the long PVC molecular chains in the pipe are arranged in an orderly biaxial direction, so that the strength, toughness and resistance of the PVC pipe can be improved. The performance of punching, fatigue resistance, and low temperature resistance has been greatly improved. The performance of the new pipe material (PVC-O) obtained by this process greatly exceeds that of the ordinary PVC-U pipe.

● Studies have shown that compared with PVC-U pipes, PVC-O pipes can greatly save raw material resources, reduce costs, improve the overall performance of the pipes, and lower the cost of pipe construction and installation.

Data comparison

Between PVC-O pipes and other types of pipes


The chart lists 4 different types of pipes (under 400mm diameter), namely cast iron pipes, HDPE pipes, PVC-U pipes and PVC-O 400 grade pipes. It can be seen from the graph data that the raw material cost of cast iron pipes and HDPE pipes is the highest, which is basically the same. The unit weight of the cast iron pipe K9 is the largest, which is more than 6 times that of the PVC-O pipe, which means that the transportation, construction and installation are extremely inconvenient. PVC-O pipes have the best data, the lowest raw material cost, the lightest weight, and the same tonnage of raw materials can produce longer pipes.


Physical Index Parameters and Examples of PVC-O pipes


Comparison chart of hydraulic curve of plastic pipe


Relevant Standards for PVC-0 pipes

International Standard: ISO 1 6422-2014
South African Standard: SANS 1808-85:2004
Spanish standard: UNE ISO 16422
American standard: ANSI/AWWA C909-02
French Standard: NF T 54-948:2003
Canadian Standard: CSA B137.3.1-09
Braziljan Standard: ABTN NBR 15750
Incian Standard: IS 16647:2017
China Urban Construction Standard: CJ/T 445-2014
(GB national standard is being drafted)


Parallel Twin Screw Extruder

● Barrel with forced water cooling
● Ultra-high torque gearbox, torque coefficient 25, German INA bearing, self-designed and customized
● Dual vacuum design

Die Head

● The double-compression structure of the mold can completely eliminate the confluence chips caused by the shunt bracket
● The mold has internal cooling and air cooling, which can precisely control the mould inner temperature
● Each part of the mold has a lifting ring, which can be lifted and disassembled independently


Vacuum Tank

● All vacuum pumps are equipped with a backup pump. Once the pump is damaged, the backup pump will automatically start without affecting the continuity of production. Each pump has an independent alarm with an alarm light


● Double chamber design of vacuum box, quick start of vacuum, saving waste during start-up and commissioning
● With a water tank heating device, to prevent the water temperature in the water tank from being too cold or unable to start after freezing

Haul Off Unit

●With slitting device, cuts the pipe when the equipment is started, and facilitates the connection of the lead pipe
●Both ends of the haul off are equipped with electric lifting and hosting mechanisms, which is convenient for adjusting the center height when replacing pipes with different outer diameters during the production process


Infrared Heating Machine

● Hollow ceramic heater, COSCO heating, heating plate imported from Germany
● Built-in temperature sensor on the heating plate, precise temperature control, with an error of +1 degree
● Independent temperature control for each heating direction

Planetary Saw Cutter

● The clamping device cooperates with the servo system to improve the cutting accuracy


Belling Machine

● When socketing, there is a plug inside the pipe to prevent the pipe from heating and shrinking
● Picking and placing the plug body is completed by the robot, fully automatic
● There is a water cooling ring in the oven, which can control the heating temperature of the pipe end face
● There is hot air heating in the socket die to control the temperature, Trimming with independent work station




The following figure shows the relationship between the orientation temperature of PVC-O and the performance of the pipe:


The figure below is the relationship between PVC-O stretching ratio and pipe performance: (for reference only)




Final PVC-O pipe products photos

The layered state of PVC-O pipe Pressure testing

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