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How to control the process of the pipe production line? – Suzhou Polytime Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Plastic pipe has the advantages of corrosion resistance and low cost and has become one of the pipes with a wide range of applications. The plastic pipe production line can quickly produce pipe equipment, which makes the products develop rapidly. And it can continuously adapt to the market demand, customize high-quality plastic pipes for enterprises, and occupy most of the pipe market.

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    What are the advantages of a pipe production line?

    How to control the process of the pipe production line?

    What are the advantages of a pipe production line?
    The pipe production line adopts high-efficiency screw, slotting barrel, and strong water jacket cooling, which greatly improves the conveying capacity and ensures high-efficiency extrusion. It also has a high torque vertical structure reducer and DC drive motor. The basket composite dies suitable for polyolefin processing not only ensures the stability of efficient extrusion but also realizes the minimum stress and the highest pipe quality brought by low melt temperature. High-efficiency double chamber vacuum sizing technology and spray cooling water tanks are adopted to improve the yield of pipes and meet the needs of high-speed production. The multi-track tractor is adopted, the traction force is uniform and stable, and each track is driven by an independent AC servo motor. The drive technology controlled by the digital controller realizes accurate speed adjustment to achieve high synchronization. It adopts a high-speed and accurately designed cutting machine with a flat cutting section and strong chip suction device to minimize maintenance.

    How to control the process of the pipe production line?
    The process control of the pipe production line is divided into four parts.

    1. Mixing and kneading

    Mixing and kneading are easy to ignore factors. Generally speaking, the kneading process is considered as long as the kneading temperature is controlled. In fact, for mixing and kneading, the most important thing is that the materials are evenly dispersed and the volatile matter volatilizes thoroughly. If the materials are not evenly dispersed, the product performance will be unstable during extrusion production. The volatile matter is not volatilized completely, and the extruded pipe is easy to produces bubbles and turnover, which affects the product performance.

    2. Control of extrusion process

    The matching among processing temperature, screw speed, feeding speed, melt temperature, torque, melt pressure, traction speed, exhaust, and vacuum cooling is the key to ensure product quality. Therefore, to obtain pipe products with excellent appearance and internal quality, the control of extrusion process parameters is very important and complex. It shall be determined according to theory and actual production experience, and appropriate adjustments shall be made according to the specific conditions of the actual operation.

    3. Control of cooling shaping and traction

    In actual production, the control of vacuum and water temperature must be strict to ensure the appearance quality of the pipes. If the vacuum degree is too small, the outer diameter of the pipe is too small. On the contrary, the vacuum degree is too large, the pipe diameter is too large, and even pumping expansion occurs. If the water temperature is too low, it is easy to cause rapid cooling and make the pipe brittle. If the water temperature is too high, the cooling is not good, resulting in pipe deformation.

    The traction speed shall generally match the extrusion speed of the main engine. If the wall thickness of the pipe is adjusted too much depending on the traction speed, it is easy to cause the transverse crack of the pipe, and the size change rate exceeds the standard.

    4. Control of flaring process

    The temperature, heating time, and cooling time of the flaring machine are generally determined according to the actual operation. When the ambient temperature is high, the heating time can be shortened and the cooling time should be relatively long; When the ambient temperature is low, the heating time should be prolonged and the cooling time should be relatively shortened.

    With the continuous development of the market in recent years, more and more products are put into production, and the plastic pipe production line is also continuously developed and upgraded. The upgraded pipe production line is more in line with the requirements of modern architecture and engineering, the process level is improved, the product quality is safe and reliable, and the overall development prospect is very broad. Suzhou Polytime Machinery Co., Ltd. adheres to the principle of putting the interests of customers first and hopes to provide the most competitive technology for the plastic industry in the shortest time and create higher value for customers through continuous efforts in technology development and product quality control. If you are interested in purchasing a pipe production line, you can consider choosing our high-cost performance products.

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