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Two jaw plates crushing machine for extrusion and bending – Suzhou Polytime Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Jaw crusher is a crushing machine that uses the extrusion and bending action of two jaw plates to crush materials with various hardnesses. The crushing mechanism consists of a fixed jaw plate and a movable jaw plate. When the two jaw plates approach, the material will be broken, and when the two jaw plates leave, the material blocks smaller than the discharge opening will be discharged from the bottom. Its crushing action is carried out intermittently. This kind of crusher is widely used in industrial sectors such as mineral processing, building materials, silicate and ceramics because of its simple structure, reliable operation and ability to crush hard materials.

    By the 1980s, the feeding particle size of the large jaw crusher that crushed 800 tons of material per hour had reached about 1800 mm. Commonly used jaw crushers are double toggle and single toggle. The former only swings in a simple arc when it is working, so it is also called a simple swing jaw crusher; the latter moves up and down while swinging an arc, so it is also called a complex swing jaw crusher.

    The up-and-down movement of the motorized jaw plate of the single-toggle jaw crusher has the effect of promoting the discharge, and the horizontal stroke of the upper part is larger than that of the lower part, which is easy to crush large materials, so its crushing efficiency is higher than that of the double-toggle type. Its disadvantage is that the jaw plate wears quickly, and the material will be over-crushed, which will increase the energy consumption. In order to protect the important parts of the machine from being damaged due to overload, the toggle plate with simple shape and small size is often designed as a weak link, so that it will deform or break first when the machine is overloaded.

    In addition, in order to meet the requirements of different discharge granularity and compensate for the wear of the jaw plate, a discharge port adjustment device is also added, usually an adjustment washer or a wedge iron is placed between the toggle plate seat and the rear frame. However, in order to avoid affecting production due to the replacement of broken parts, hydraulic devices can also be used to achieve insurance and adjustment. Some jaw crushers also directly use hydraulic transmission to drive the movable jaw plate to complete the crushing action of the material. These two types of jaw crushers using hydraulic transmission are often collectively referred to as hydraulic jaw crushers.

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