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What are the production process parameters of the plastic extruder? – Suzhou Polytime Machinery Co., Ltd.

    The process parameters of plastic extruder machines can be divided into two types: inherent parameters and adjustable parameters.

    The inherent parameters are determined by the model, which represents its physical structure, production type, and application range. Inherent parameters are a series of corresponding parameters formulated by the production designer of the extrusion unit according to the characteristics of the model. These parameters specify the characteristics, application scope, and production capacity of the unit, and also provide a basic basis for the formulation of production objectives and adjustable process parameters.

    Adjustable parameters are some control parameters set by production line workers on the extrusion unit and relevant control equipment according to production objectives. These parameters determine the characteristics and quality of target products and whether the production equipment can operate continuously and stably. They are the key to plastic extrusion production activities. Adjustable parameters do not have an absolute evaluation standard but are relative. Sometimes a value range is given for some numerical parameters, which needs to be determined according to the actual situation of production.

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    What is the function of the plastic extruder?

    What is the process flow of plastic extruder?

    What are the main adjustable parameters of plastic extruder?

    What is the function of the plastic extruder?
    The plastic extruder has the following main functions:

    1. It can provide uniform plasticized molten material when the plastic resin is extruded into plastic products.

    2. Its use can ensure that the production raw materials are evenly mixed and fully plasticized within the temperature range required by the process.

    3. It can provide molten material with a uniform flow and stable pressure for the forming die so that the plastic extrusion production can be carried out smoothly and smoothly.

    What is the process flow of plastic extruder?
    Extrusion molding, also known as extrusion molding or extrusion molding, mainly refers to a molding method in which heated molten polymer materials are forced to form continuous profiles with a constant cross-section through the die under the promotion of pressure with the help of the extrusion action of screw or plunger. The extrusion process mainly includes feeding, melting and plasticizing, extrusion, shaping, and cooling. The extrusion process can be divided into two stages: the first stage is to plasticize the solid plastic (i.e. turn it into viscous fluid) and make it pass through the die with a special shape under pressure to become a continuum with similar section and die shape; The second stage is to use appropriate methods to make the extruded continuum lose its plastic state and become solid to obtain the required product.


    What are the main adjustable parameters of plastic extruder?
    Here are some main adjustable parameters.

    1. Screw speed

    The screw speed needs to be adjusted in the main engine control of the pellet extruder. The screw speed directly affects the amount of material extruded by the extruder, as well as the heat generated by the friction between materials and the fluidity of materials.

    2. Barrel and head temperature

    The material will become a molten solution at a certain temperature. The solution viscosity is inversely proportional to the temperature, so the extrusion capacity of the extruder will be affected by the change of material temperature.

    3. Temperature of shaping and cooling device

    The setting mode and cooling mode will be different according to different products. There are various types of equipment, but the temperature needs to be controlled. The cooling medium is generally air, water, or other liquids.

    4. Traction speed

    The linear speed of the traction roller shall match the extrusion speed. The traction speed also determines the cross-section size and cooling effect of the product. Traction also affects the longitudinal tensile, mechanical properties, and dimensional stability of products.

    Although it is difficult to determine the adjustable parameters, they are not disorganized, but also have a theoretical basis to follow, and there is a certain correlation between these parameters, which affect each other. As long as we master the method of adjusting parameters and the relationship between parameters, we can better ensure the extrusion process of plastic extruders. Suzhou Polytime Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production, sales, and service of plastic extruders, granulators, plastic washing machine recycling machines, and pipeline production lines. If you work related to waste plastic recycling or plastic granulation, you can consider our high-tech products.

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