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What is the development prospect of plastic recycling machine? – Suzhou Polytime Machinery Co., Ltd.

    With the improvement of people's living standards, the content of recyclables in domestic waste is increasing, and recyclability is also improving. There are a large number of recyclable wastes in domestic waste, mainly including waste paper, waste plastic, waste glass, and waste metal, especially a large number of waste plastic products. The unique material and characteristics of plastics make its recycling not only have good social benefits but also have broad prospects and considerable market value.

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    What are the ways of plastic recycling?

    What is the development prospect of plastic recycling machine?

    What are the ways of plastic recycling?
    Plastic recycling is to heat and melt the waste plastic through the plastic waste recycling machine and then plasticize it again, so as to recover the original performance of the plastic and then use it. Plasticization regeneration can be realized by simple regeneration and composite regeneration.

    Simple regeneration, also known as simple regeneration, refers to the recycling of leftover materials, gates, waste defective products, and residues produced in the process of a plastic production plant or plastic machining, including some single, batch, clean, and once used waste plastics, waste plastics for one-time packaging and waste agricultural film, which is recycled as secondary material sources.

    Compound recycling refers to the recycling of waste plastics collected from the society with large quantities, complex varieties, many impurities, and serious pollution. Among these waste plastics, there are discarded plastic parts, packaging products, fertilizer bags, cement bags, pesticide bottles, fishnets, agricultural films, and packaging barrels in industrial and mining enterprises and agriculture, food bags, plastic bottles and cans, toys, daily necessities, and plastic cultural and sports goods in the lives of urban and rural people, as well as waste plastics containing a small number of fillers and plasticizers. The recycling process of these miscellaneous, messy and dirty waste plastics is complex.

    The materials plasticized and regenerated by simple regeneration can restore the original properties of plastics, while the quality of materials plasticized and regenerated by composite regeneration is generally lower than that of simple regeneration.

    What is the development prospect of plastic recycling machine?
    Recycled plastics exist in different forms according to their recycling value at the end of their service life. Almost all thermoplastics have recycling value. The recycling of waste plastics is a major and arduous task. Compared with metal recycling, the biggest problem of plastic recycling is that it is difficult to classify automatically by machine, and the process involves a lot of manpower. Under the new normal, the trend of waste plastic recycling machines will focus on four research directions.

    1. Research on automatic technology and equipment for sorting and separation of waste plastics. Develop automatic classification and separation equipment suitable for all kinds of waste mixed plastics, implement high-speed and efficient automatic separation of waste plastics, and solve the problems of low efficiency and high pollution of traditional manual and chemical separation.

    2. Research on key technology and equipment for producing alloy materials, composite materials, and functional materials from waste plastics. By studying the technologies of compatibilization, toughening, in-situ strengthening, stabilization, and rapid crystallization in the alloy, the developed high-quality products with the properties of recycled plastic alloy reaching or even exceeding the original resin can realize the high-quality of recycled plastic alloy.

    3. Research on key technology and standardization system of quality control of recycled plastic products. Closely track the standardization of high-quality utilization of waste plastics abroad, and formulate relevant national technical standards or technical specifications in combination with China's waste plastics recycling technology, remanufacturing technology, and products.

    4. Research on key technologies for environmental pollution control of waste plastic renewable resources.

    Plastic recycling is an industry that benefits the country and the people. The recycling of plastics is of great and profound significance to the environment and mankind as a whole. Recycling waste plastics effectively reduces energy consumption and environmental pollution. It is a great environmental protection cause in line with scientific development and benefiting the people. Suzhou Polytime Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to improving the quality of human life through technology development and product quality control, providing the most competitive technology for the plastic industry in the shortest time and creating higher value for customers. If you are interested in plastic production machinery such as plastic waste recycling machines, you can consider our high-quality products.

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