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What is the washing method of the plastic washing machine? – Suzhou Polytime Machinery Co., Ltd.

    The utilization rate of plastics in China is only 25%, and 14 million tons of waste plastics can not be recycled and reused in time every year. Waste plastics can produce all kinds of recycled plastic products or fuels through crushing, cleaning, regeneration granulation, or cracking, which has high recycling value. In the process of using plastics, it is bound to be polluted by all kinds of pollutants, and different types of attached pollutants will be formed on its surface. A plastic washing recycling machine can remove the dirt attached to the plastic surface, improve the accuracy of identification and separation, and directly affect the quality of recycled plastic products. It is the key to the recycling of waste plastics.

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    What are the forms of pollutants from waste plastics?

    What is the washing method of the plastic washing machine?

    What are the forms of pollutants from waste plastics?

    The types and sources of waste plastics are different, and the forms of pollution and types of pollutants are also different. It mainly includes dissolved matter pollution, organic matter pollution, pH value pollution, dust pollution, oil pollution, color and pigment pollution, toxic substance pollution, organic binder pollution, microbial pollution, dust, non-polymer waste inclusions, etc.

    What is the washing method of plastic washing machine?

    The washing methods of plastic washing recycling machines include water cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, anhydrous cleaning, dry ice cleaning, microwave cleaning, etc.

    Water cleaning is the most commonly used method for cleaning recycled plastics from waste plastic packaging resources. In the water resource-saving cleaning process, the cleaning is carried out in two steps. Circulating water is used during rough cleaning. The water discharged from the rinsing process can enter the cleaning process, and only wastewater is discharged during cleaning. Biodegradable environment-friendly fatty alcohol ethoxylates and polyethylene glycol surfactants shall be selected for cleaning waste plastics. During deinking, degumming and paint removal cleaning, the cleaning agent solution in the soaking process shall enter the next process as little as possible, which can be avoided by dehydration after discharging.

    Ultrasonic cleaning is a physical function. The utility model is suitable for cleaning the unclean dirt and debris on the plastic substrate, which is not restricted by the type of radiation and the adhesion of the film, especially for cleaning the film thoroughly. The ultrasonic cleaning agent adopts a chemical solvent or water-based cleaning agent.

    Air is used as the cleaning medium for anhydrous cleaning, so there is no sewage in the whole cleaning process, and other impurities such as sediment and dust are collected in a centralized manner, without secondary pollution, saving water resources and reducing the cost by 30%. Green anhydrous cleaning (dry cleaning) of waste plastic packaging film is the key field of relevant research at present. Anhydrous cleaning technology, process, and equipment are in the exploratory stage.

    The waste plastic recycling industry is a sunrise industry that benefits the country and the people. It is an indispensable force for building an energy-saving society and developing a circular economy. The recycling of any kind of plastic must go through a strict cleaning process, which also brings great business opportunities to the cleaning industry. Suzhou Polytime Machinery Co., Ltd. has many years of experience in the plastic industry and has established many sales centers at home and abroad. If you are engaged in the plastic washing recycling machine industry or related work, you can consider our high-tech products.

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